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Accessories for Key Tags and Bag Tags!
Accessories can be a great accent, for example a carabiner style, shape and color can provide not only a stylish accent for your Key and Bag Tags, but also be an effective way to collect Share-IT! Tags. To begin with you can choose from several types of accessories.¬†Contact us at [email protected] for assistance.


Accessories selections presently:

Fish Shape with Split Ring – Black, Pink, Purple, Silver, Red, Blue and Green
Standard D Shape with Split Ring – Black, Pink, Purple, Silver, Red, Blue and Green
Circle Shape with Split Ring – Black and Blue
Heart Shape with Split Ring – Red
Standard Shape with webbing and Lobster Claw
Split Rings
Luggage Loops – Clear and Black
Lanyards with Split Ring

If you don’t see the type, shape or color you need, Click here, to let us know what you may like.
Now how to utilize them:

Add to or replace a Key Chain.
Connect to a Backpack so inspirations stays with your student throughout their day.
Affix one of our Bag Tags with the “Do I have…” list to a Sport Bag as to not forget the things that you will need.
Tie one to the ribbon around a Gift, together with a Share-IT! Tag
Attach to your purse, keeping that special message nearby.
Add one in your Party Favors, coupled with a Share-IT! Tag…they will love it!
Get creative! Additionally, share your ideas with others on Pinterest or Facebook.

Our hope is that our Accessory offering provides you a means to connect Share-IT! Key Tags or Bag Tags in efforts to keep them secure and last.

Accessory: a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

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